Welcome to the Dare 2 Be Great Foundation website, where we gather together to identify and assist Delray Beach youth who amply demonstrate their commitment to succeed in life through academic preparedness, an excellence of character, and good citizenship – bright young people who WILL make an impact on the world with the right assistance and resources.

We are not accepting any additional applications at this time.


"I was hired by the marketing company I've worked for since senior year, through the two opening acts, Owl City and Neon Trees, to work the show. (Free concert and I get paid?! This is still a surreal thing for me as a music fan). Three other girls were hired alongside me and we kicked some butt out there!"Maria Gracia
"Personally for me, without the Dare 2 Be Great Scholarship helping fund my education at the University of Florida, I would've most likely had to have taken out a loan for help."Joseph J. Elisma
"I am on my second year here at SCAD in Savannah, GA. Art school was a monumental decision I made in my life and everyday of it I am living my dream and not regretting a single moment that got me here. Dare 2 Be Great made this a realty for me."Stephanie V B.